Magic Polalamin

December 17, 2002
Author: Manna
Obviously some kind of filthy, little known sex act

Shit Trek III: The Search for Scat

December 11, 2002
Author: Elfin
The fastest way to a man's heart is through your bowels.

Sex Ed With Dojin2000

November 11, 2002
Author: Reverend Ragu
It's educational, and it's ecchi. Ecchicational?

A Thorough Analysis of La Blue Girl Episode 1

September 17, 2002
Author: Mr. Elitist Fuckhead
About 9500 more words than this show deserves!

Low Rez Porno?

July 25, 2002
Author: Tome
History comes alive!

The Virgins of Street Fighter Alpha 3

July 17, 2002
Author: Sak
Even Ed Honda needs to be loved.


July 14, 2002
Author: Creamy Goodness
Intrigue, excitement, hardcore rap, and BLONDE NYMPHO MAIDS

Nocturnal Illusion: Part One

July 9, 2002
Author: Ukuhawa
The true story of a man, a mysterious mansion, a bevy of nubile, sex-starved young women and fairy-tale protagonists. and Samuel Coleridge.

The Good and the Beautiful Part 1

July 1, 2002
Author: Very Metal
Herein lies the purifying, all-american, nougat-centered love every busty anime heroine desperately desires.

Campaign to Save My Boner

June 10, 2002
Author: Sak
Sak's boner NEEDS YOUR HELP, and not in the obvious way.