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Ecchi Attack is a humour site. As such, this site is not meant to be taken seriously, at all, ever. The views expressed by the writers are not necessarily that of the editor, any of the other writers, or even the writer him or herself. The writers themselves are hopeless otaku, nipponophiles, or otherwise maniacs of a different stripe, and therefore have no place to talk - though they will, in great detail, and with a probably unhealthy dose of self-loathing. All mean-spirited jokes against persons, organizations, or countries - especially Japan - are meant in fun, like a good-natured noogie, and shouldn't be taken too hard considering the page that the jabs are coming from.

All articles on this site are property of the author and posted with permission. Reposting should probably be done with the permission of the author, but at the very least include credit and a link back.

Images and exercepts used on this site are posted for the purposes of commentary and humor, not to adversely affect anyone's business or real life reputations. Psuedonyms will be used if you aren't dumb enough to post smut under your real name and nothing else, and pictures, provided they are your property, will be taken down if you have too much of a problem with them being there. E-mail me at reverendragu ([at]) gmail ([dot]) com if you absolutely must.

About the Site

Ecchi Attack was conceived in the year 2001; a bizarre, shameless idea from the diseased then-adolescent brain of Reverend Ragu. Finally given birth on Christmas Eve 2001, the site became reasonably popular, attracting some extremely talented writers (and a few, uh... not so much). The site examined the extremities of otaku culture, focusing on erotic anime & manga - a particular interest for the editor - and did so in a sometimes uneven, sometimes incoherent, sometimes vicious, and sometimes wonderful way.

After some lame drama between the editor and one of his major partners, a complete loss of inspiration, and something better to do, the site was abandoned in early 2004, where it eventually disappeared, remembered by two.

In 2006, without anything better to do, and realizing it may not have been a “good idea”, but probably the closest thing to one he ever had, Reverend Ragu brought back the site. With many of the old writers back and better than ever, the future looks bright. Well, as bright as it can be for a bunch of sexual deviants and serial onanists.

With this rebirth comes an increase in scope - Ecchi Attack will focus on all aspects of otaku culture, along with closely associated detritus clinging to the ass hairs. Basically this means... Well, just about anything, as long as it's ridiculous, based around something ludicrously infantile, and just feels Ecchi Attack enough.


I'm more than willing to look over reader submissions to the site. There's no money in it, of course, considering that you can't squeeze blood from a stone or semen from a jerked-out derelict, but you do get the fame and chicks (or dudes, if you so prefer) that come part-and-parcel with being a writer for Ecchi Attack.

The guidelines are as follows:

  1. This being my page, I don't have to accept anything. I'm not going to accept something where you've grabbed some picture of a girl with a dong on the internet, thrown a few stray sentences into Microsoft Word, and remarked IT BURNS MY EYES! We've been over it before, many times, and you're not fucking fooling anyone. Be interesting, possibly insightful, and most of all, FUNNY. I will try to work with you to turn your article into something that I find acceptable, but try not to get too angry or downtrodden if you are rejected. Remember, you aren't getting paid.
  2. If you can put together something extraordinarily interesting and funny in fewer words, that's awesome. If you have a brilliant, original idea which needs few words or even none at all, that's incredibly awesome. However, for most articles, 1200 words should probably be considered the minimum length. If you've really got the writing bug (that's writer's slang for “smoking methamphetamine all weekend”) and are pounding out page after page, an article shouldn't be more than 5000 words, max.

    If you plan on going over that limit, try to turn your article into a series - but make sure you run the first part by me, because I don't care how many words you've bled your heart into, if it's 10,000 words of boring it's not going up.
  3. For pictures, a rough guideline is two per page, with a page being 1000 words, give or take a hundred or five. Captions can be provided by you, or you can get me to write them. Don't do too much resizing or manipulation to them, as it's much easier to do that on my side.
  4. Most of all, if we decide to post your article, you give me the right to use it on this site, and for me to edit it within reason.

The e-mail address for submissions is, once again reverendragu ([at]) gmail ([dot]) com. What are you waiting for?