Yes! You heard me, LION... FUCKING... KING... PORN. For the demanding fetishist. Getting sick of that one utterly hilarious Belle/Ariel lesbian fistfest? Tired of seeing Jasmine getting tortured by that giant blue fucking Genie as he cracks jokes that haven't been funny in thirty years? Weary of the scads and scads of ALICE IN FUCKING WONDERLAND OH GOD THANKS FOR RUINING MY FAVORITE PIECE OF NINTEENTH CENTURY LITERATURE PORN?!? Who doesn't want to see Timon going “FULL BOAR” into Nala's tender rectum? Does that get you hot? If it does, seek help. Its bad enough that you jerk to pics of Japanese schoolgirls and stupid tentacle demons, but are you that lonely, that desperate to need to pull the old pork to have to do it to Lion King pics? If so, fucking unplug your internet connection, get your ass off of Everquest and GET A FUCKING LIFE. Well, I guess since I can't talk there, then GET SOME REAL PORN.

Submitted for your approval, Ecchi-Attackers, are the worst of the worst, the bottom of the barrel, the STOP FUCKING UPLOADING THIS YOU COCKJOBBING RIMDICKS! I can't jerk to it, you can't jerk to it. Fuck, not even the most hardcore of the hardcore cosplaying furry fetishists could jerk to it. I hope.

I REFUSE to believe that somebody drew this.


“Pornography” is one of those words that does not have a definition. What is porn to one man is just tasteful nude photograpy, art to another. Playboy, f'rinstace, is NOT PORNOGRAPHY. This image, also NOT PORNOGRAPHY. Why was it uploaded to a fucking PORNOGRAPHY site? The mind boggles, and the testicles stay full. Fuck, the wang has retreated so far into the torso that I fear it will never come back out.


Urge to kill, rising.

Is God punishing me? Please note, that I'm going to an anime convention with a gun, and kill as many furries as I can. After displaying this to the courts, no jury in the world would convict me.

Okay, this would be hot if it were like, Belle and Jasmine, but not... oh god... I haven't had the desire to suck on a shotgun bore in two years now... And its just now returned to me. If you need me, my brains will be peppered across the sheetrock.
If you think this is the exent of the CRAP that I find on this internet, you're dead fucking wrong. I've got more, baby, tons more. And, god help me, it's WORSE. Just think, who would assume that 3DSMax and porn, when combined, would be as delicious as chocolate and peanut butter, but turns out to be chocolate and peanut butter and really, hideously fat chicks. Like, Martha Dumptruck fat...

Join me for Part Two of “Quit trying to make me jerk and make me jerk”, or die screaming.