Super Taboo EXTREME!

March 7, 2002
Author: Dick Slender
Screwing your immediate family 2THAXTREME!!!

Eighteen and still in high school? I think they call that 'functionally retarded' in Japan.
Wolf Ogami's Super Taboo was a revolutionary hentai series, bringing incest away from the web-toed, trailer-dwelling backwaters of Arkansas, and into to the neon light of Tokyo City, Japan, where the line between familial affection and hot, sticky, sperm-covered monkey love is a simple as a torpedo with the words “Instinct” sinking a ship labeled “Reason”. Yes, the epic 10 issue story of that one big family that loves fucking each other goes right up there in the annals of great literature, along with Hamlet, War and Peace, and the episode of Fraiser where Eddie the dog gets neutered. However, it didn't stop there... They had ONE MORE issue, which featured a brother and sister who appeared a LOT younger than the former protagonists we so learned to love, then the story of a transsexual brother coming home so he could fuck his sister. If only we saw this as the warning sign it was, maybe we could have steered him back into the simple wholesomeness of incest.

Fast forward a few years to Super Taboo... EXTREME! With folks lining the streets for miles, dressing up as “Reason” and “Instinct”, THE most anticipated hentai manga was brought to America to great fanfare! This time it starts out with a time-tested staple of hentai, the “ineffectual disciplinary committee” high school. There's a new teacher named Ms. Kuroiwa in school, and our female lead, Muchi, thinks she's hot; high school bisexuality being the trivial thing it is y'know. The teacher slips a note to Muchi's brother, Kenji, saying “same place, after school?”.

So, Muchi decides to follow her “horny brother”, and catches him going into the storage room, meeting the teacher. She peers into a crack in the doorway, watching her brother and the teacher getting it on; of course, coming from Wolf Ogami's “flexible” views on acceptable sexual practices, Muchi and her brother have been fucking each other as well. While watching this sordid activity, she discovers the teacher's SHOCKING SECRET! (Note: 9 out of 10 times in hentai, when the woman pulls down her pants to reveal a “shocking” secret, it's that she has a penis. The rest of the time it's either she has a penis AND a vagina, or a tentacle penis) However, before she can run away in horror, Ms. Kuroiwa (with gigantic erection prominently on display.) brings Muchi into the supply room for some “fun” and subtle foreshadowing, and let's not forget the double penetration! Muchi passes out afterward for some reason; we all know that, as a denizen of the hentai universe, she should be used to the multiple penetration and volcanic orgasms by now. Something's going on here. Nevertheless, the next day Muchi is given the “same place, after school?” note. Will these orgies continue? I bet the suspense is killing you!

In part two, we join this three-way already in progress, with Muchi giving “Akira”, as the teacher now wants to be called, a blowjob, while getting it from behind by Kenji. After Muchi passes out AGAIN (She ought to get that checked out), Akira and Kenji have to kill twelve pages, and need to further sexually confuse those fourteen year old boys just discovering hentai. It turns out that, since everyone hated the teacher in the original Super Taboo for getting in the way of the hot all-incest brother-on-sister action, the gender ambiguous teacher in this edition has yet ANOTHER dark secret! On a side note, if you look like a female, you hide the fact that you're hung like a horse, and STILL have a dark secret, you're either transgendered James Bond or should probably be getting some professional help instead of fucking your “students”. You know what that means, people. The second dark secret is that she's actually their post-op older brother! Looks like she wisely decided to keep her very large gift that God gave her as a him. It would be such a waste, you know? Hey Wolf! Thanks for making sure all the sex in this would make anyone throw up if most of the blood in their head wasn't being diverted to other parts. Wolf Ogami can make ANYTHING look good.

Now, onto part three. This time, we join Muchi giving her former brother-now sister a blowjob, when Kenji brings a little surprise... Their little brother, Tomio! Tomio, ever the sensible one, happens to be the only person in this ridiculous story who seems a bit apprehensive about fucking his siblings. Well, for about a minute, at least. Sadly for everyone who enjoys orgies, or at least watching their pet hamsters fuck everything within their abilities for hours on end, Akira and Kenji decide to go into another room. It's still a pretty shocking scene, as it's the storyline's only completely heterosexual sex scene, hell, it's even only a one on one scene! They're still jacking off in the gene pool, but hell, I'm almost beginning to feel like that's normal.
We leave this therapy-bound crew with a HILARIOUS ending. Akira and Kenji apparently catch the principal doing the nurse in a very uncomfortable place, so they escape by transforming into super-deformed versions of themselves, flailing their arms around and transforming their legs into swirls! How WACKY! So while we're still left with the gaping “Muchi's violent KO orgasm” plothole, it's still a worhwhile read if you don't mind how viciously immoral everything is in this story. What are you doing reading this page if you do, anyway?

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