NC's Five Most Disturbing Fics... Ever.

June 4, 2002
Author: Negative Creep
At least until we find some worse ones.

In the four years since this article was written, most of these fanfictions have, perhaps thankfully, been lost to both's Prince-esque uneven and inexplicable moral reversal, not to mention the capricious nature of internet porno fanfictioneers. If these exercepts get you all hot and bothered, and you need to track down that fanfiction RIGHT AWAY to finish yourself off, as NC's clips just don't give you nearly enough of the visceral detail you need to climax, unfortunately it's no longer possible. Don't worry, I'm certain someone has come up with some killer Fairly Oddparents erotica in the last couple of years, should that work for you. Still, our apologies. ~The Editor

As anyone who has ever unluckily wandered into knows, nothing is too unerotic, no cow too sacred, that it can't be tied to the bed and buttfucked until it bleeds. It's a scary place, where Winnie-The-Pooh slash and X-Files yaoi skip hand-in-hand through the tulips, scarring the eyes of all who stumble into their paths.

BUT. There is a difference between “slightly” disturbing fanfiction and “THE BURNING WON'T STOP”, and we're going to find out that difference today, with:


1. Dib and Gaz : Forbidden Passions

Do you feel the love?
One of the ages-old rules of fanfiction, as we know, is that “If two people hate each other's guts and seem to want nothing more than to crush each other under the wheels of an eighteen-wheeler, what they are ACTUALLY trying to say is that they want to ride the Penis Express with each other all night long.” Hate? What the fuck is hate? There is no hate in Fanfiction Land. All is WUV.

I'm sure plenty of you have siblings, and that plenty of you fight like proverbial cats n' dogs with your siblings, right? And it's probably just because they're annoying on occasion, right?


“The two bare bodies moved to meet each other, Gaz lowering herself onto Dib's ready shaft. She moved hesitantly, Dib supressed another groan as the moisture of virgin skin touched his tip, teasing him. His waist moved upwards instinctivly, wanting to dig into the hot sanctuary, it pressed harder as Gaz moved to accept it. Soft pink yielded to pale hardness, allowing violation in trade for pleasure.”

I've seen enough Dib/Zim slash - which was bad enough - but this one takes the cake. For those who have never seen an episode of Invader ZIM but suspect something is amiss, Dib is busily fucking his SISTER.

Usually Gaz is seen doing one of two things: playing video games or plotting to kill/maim big brother Dib. But that obviously meant that the 12-year old goth-girl was just playing coy and wanted his bulging cock in her womynhood, so away we go.

“Dib lept to her again, seperating her legs with his own, positioning his waist at a desirable angle and now threatened to enter. Through vision clouded by lust, he couldn't see her pain. His thick organ waited outside for a moment, gracing its head against her entrance. Just the touch of moisture threw Dib's mind off even further as he forced himself inward, violating soft virgin flesh in one hard, swift motion. It was tight, it drove him on, it dared him to try and continue. Dib's ears heard nothing of the painful cries eminating from his beautiful partner as he ravaged her, forcing the now spoiled sweetness to yield.”

But wait, there's more! This isn't just your ordinary, run-of-the-mill fraternal fuckfest, heavens no. This one has an INCREDIBLE ALTERNATE SPECIAL DVD ENDING! in which not only does Dib have sex with his sister, he rapes her like a starved tentacle monster let loose on the first day of middle school.

“The sobs continued, uncontrolled. It was an out of body experience, he could see himself there, watching his sister on the bed, wailing. She cried in a way that he hadn't seen her cry since she was an infant. He stepped back, her voice continued, cracking with the pains, physical and mental, of yet another betrayl. He'd destroyed her. He knew it. This wasn't love. Gaz's legs pulled themselves up to her chest as she pulled herself into a fetal position on the bed, wrapped tightly in wet, stained sheets.”

Whoops!! Seems that Dibby didn't notice that his dear sister didn't actually WANT any lovin', much like the author didn't notice that no one wanted to see two assymetrical cartoon siblings get it on. And the bitch'd better not think about going to the cops:

“Powerful: From the first chapter to the last and even through to the alternate ending, this story was powerful. This is the only way I can describe your work. Just saying that it's good doesn't cut it. I hope that you continue to keep up that good work.”

“The fic was written in such a beautifully detailed description, I consider it poetry. So well done were the settings and point of view, I was drawn in. Easily could I visualize and feel his emotions racing, misguided his actions. Although the subject matter is undoubtably controversial and doesn't apply to my sexual preferences, I strongly insist a completion. A sequel focusing on Gaz's point of view may also be in order. This is some mighty fine work you produced here. Keep it up!”

“well it's good to know the author agrees with keeping it in the family”

Feeling naked and violated, we move on.

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