Poor Senna Kurosaki must endure 24 hours of “anytime and anywhere sexual intercourse” in a new release from SOD, om which she must have sex immediately, without warning.

This had better damn well be edited for time.

Then enjoy some amateur kogal action with Senningiri (which means “Girls who have had sex with over 1000 guys”)

Now, I don't like putting down people's fetishes. Actually, I do, and with great prejudice, because I'm an awful hypocrite. But that's beside the point. The point is: Ew. But hey, if you love pussing syphillitic sores, genital warts, and the Mysterious Gaping Vaginal Hole of Galaxy Cluster M-36, then knock yourself out. And I hope these Senningiri get their wish to be a real little girl or whatever that they were obviously promised by a cartoon cricket in exchange for blowing every man in Tokyo. Reach for your dreams, Senningiri!

“Then enjoy some quality lesbian action in "Lesbian Cunnilingus

At least they're straightforward about it.

I need a break. I guess I'll go check out the familiar and comforting selection of video games.

Protip: Haggar is the strongest of the three, but his punches are very slow! Nobody ever chooses Cody!
“For fans of Japan's highly developed hentai dating-sim games, a real treat: the first “sexual training game” in English. You are responsible for training a trio of sexually frustrated housewives, with many detailed attributes for each girl (sensitivity, obedience, anal training) rising and falling depending on your skill with them. Can you satisfy the beautiful wives and find the happiness you seek? In stock and shipping now -- no waiting! A great new game of sexual training from G-Collections, Hitozuma Hime Club

Well, can you? The answer is, of course, no. Because if you're sitting at home playing a computer game where the object is to manipulate little bars with the purpose of humiliating girls into drinking your piss, you are definitely not on the fast track to a deep and fulfilling happiness. Personally, though, I'm intrigued by this “anal training” bar. Is this measuring stretch, resiliance, ability to hold down solids, or what? Does a fully boosted “anal training” stat lead to something like the protagonist of Goatse.cx? Enquiring minds want to know.

The classic game of Rock, Paper and Scissors is reborn in this great hentai version by Japanese illustrator “Zeph.” Three lovely opponents challenge you to the ultimate game of “strip” Jan-ken-pon, and the prize is something every man would beg for!

Except the gays, of course. And the religious. And the men without anime fetishes. And the men who realize they can watch softcore nudity on Cinemax whenever they want without having to play a completely random and frustrating rock-paper-scissors game. And the men who even more wisely realize that anime porn of this quality is available for free and in great quantity on the internet. That leaves... Umm... Johnathan Fredrickson of Houston, TX! According to J-List dot com, your propensity to beg for lame, crudely drawn softcore pornography has rendered you technically the last “man” in the world! Your prize is a lovingly dogeared copy of the April, 1989 issue of Playboy. Congratulations, son!

Borderline 1.0 - Also features an interview with the artist. It's a fabulous look at the original works of one of Japan's most talented hentai illustrators.

I'm certain that Mr. Sakaki Naomoto, who has drawn these perfectly lovely hentai pictures, is a sensitive and thoughtful individual, and I'm sure the interview will provide insight into his work, his art. But... Hmm. I just can't wrap my brain around interviewing a hentai artist.

“Naomoto-san, what is your motivation behind these lovingly rendered pictures of fifteen year olds copulating?”


And then, of course...

Having my fantasy girl come to life has been pretty confusing, but it's just part of how complex my life has become lately. My stepsister, Motoka, seems to have picked up a thing for me, which is a turn-on, I admit, but jeez, she's like my sister, even if we're not related by blood. My stepmother, Akemi, keeps dressing in sexy lingerie around the house because she says it's hot. And Terumi-senpai, the upperclassman I hang around with, keeps treating me like a kid even though I want to show her I'm really a man. What's a guy to do?

That's right, for the low price of $24.95, you can pick up EVERY HENTAI GAME EVER CONCIEVED on a single CD-ROM! All the “incest but not really but still makes you feel dirty” and functionally retarded eighteen year old eighth graders you can shake your dick at!

Okay, that was fucking fruitless. Unless by fruit, you're referring to the kind of numbshits who will actually dole out their hard earned money on hentai games and western pornography in nightmarish loud covers. In which case it was quite, as they say, fruitful. Is there not ten righteous within the walls of this webpage? Hell, I'll take one righteous. One sorta-righteous. Dammit, one patently hypocritical and unrighteous but can lie really well about it! Anything, I'm dyin' here!

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