Ecchi Attack is a filthy website, a pit of sin and iniquity, a chilling look at a world gone horribly wrong, and as such probably should not be viewed by anyone, at all, ever, but especially not by people under the age of eighteen - or whatever arbitrary age is judged by your government to grant a person the maturity to handle such material without being compelled to a murderous, sex-starved rampage. Children, this page will make your face melt if you aren't of the age of majority, much like that scene in “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday down the line, you'll remember something you saw here, and BLORP, you're down like a Movie Nazi.

This page should be considered not safe for work, not safe for play, and not even safe for rest. I am not responsible for lost jobs, friends, significant others, family members, or pets as a result of this page. If you have a problem with dirty pictures and lurid prose, you probably shouldn't come in, either, unless you're compiling material for a religious tract decrying the terrible excesses of the internet, in which case this page will provide quite adequately. Please keep your hands inside the car, do not pet the animals, and only open if the seal is unbroken.

~The Management

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