3. They Don't Call Her Bubbles For Nothin' !! (KILL ME.)

Those wacky, adorable Powerpuff Girls! So big-eyed, so kawaii, so ripe and supple for the pedophile market. In a more innocent time I would have laughed if you had told me there were people out there fantasizing about the erotic lesbian adventures of a trio of brightly-coloured, underaged cartoon characters. Now, I can't say I'm surprised, what with the thick callouses formed around my brain. Shitting dick-nipples? Bring 'em on. Beatles slash? Oi Ringo, up me pooper, mate!. Powerpuff Girls Masturbation/Lesbian experimentation fanfiction? OFF COURSE!

Aside to God: We have failed You and we accept Your punishment with humility and shame
“Buttercup had to be swayed by her younger sister's innocence and concern. “Ok, Bubbles.” She swung an arm around Bubbles' shoulders and suddenly had an urge to plant her lips on her sister. The thought of kissing a girl made Buttercup all tingly and warm, spreading downwards to between her legs.

So she did it. Bubbles murmured in shock at first, and then responded. Buttercup moaned and pulled her closer. Their lips separated, and for a moment, both of them thought that was the end. Neither wanted to let go just yet, so they slid back together and started to kiss again.

Bubbles' gentle tongue caressed the edges of Buttercup's mouth, until her older sister complied and opened her mouth. Bubbles licked slowly and carefully, driving Buttercup crazy. She wanted to let Bubbles feel the same way, so she too stuck out her tongue and aggressively drove it into Bubbles' mouth. Both of them groaned happily at the same time, sending tiny ripples of vibratory pleasure through their bodies.”

You remember Bubbles, right? She's the most adorable member of the team, a pint-sized Mihoshi with nary an impure thought in that cute little hydrocephalic head of hers. My humble readers, you have been HAD. She's actually a pre-teen lesbian sex slut READY 4 UR HOT COX.

“Oh... yeah... Mmmm, it feels so good...” a voice moaned from the bathroom. Blossom covered her mouth with her hands in shock. It almost sounded like Bubbles, but lower in tone and very erotic. Like her little sister could be erotic. The thought made Blossom squinch her face up in disgust. She was only in kindergarten, how could it be? Blossom swallowed and pushed open the bathroom door to peek in. Bubbles was laying on the floor, her head facing away from the doorway. Her legs were spread wide, and she was rubbing Octi between them.

“There... yes... right there...”

Blossom watched in horror as her little sister put Octi down and started using her hands to get more pleasure out of herself. Bubbles was twisting and writhing on the floor, panting. Every second seemed to go on forever, the air hot and heavy from Bubbles' passion.

Blossom regained her confidence right as Bubbles screamed, cramming Octi in her mouth to muffle the noise. A tiny spray of whitish-clear liquid sprayed from Bubbles and hit the side of the tub.”

It goes on like this for a seemingly eternal three chapters and then, just when we think the “story” is finally at a merciful end...

“Ms. Keane brought down punishment as soon as her mind shook itself free of the disturbing scene. “Buttercup, Bubbles, go to the principal's office! I will meet you there, but first I have to call the Professor.”

The Professor! both girls thought in horror. As they flew slowly off, their heads down and their hands behind their backs in shame, Blossom smiled smugly. Finally, her sisters would be getting some come-uppance for the horrible, dirty things they had been doing.”

Oh, I'm sure they will, as in The Professor will COME UP IN THEIR TINY LITTLE HOLES PLEASE STOP NO :(

I don't think the most remarkable thing about this fic is the subject matter, as I have long since become jaded to six-year old cartoon character lesbian incest lemons. What really gets me is - as always - the reviews.

“I liked it on the PPGslash list, and I still like it now. *glares at flamers* You should have read the warning! It was very well done, and I can't wait for the next part!”

Can ANY fucking fic get a bad review?! Is there any sanity or light LEFT in the world?! Well, I suppose that “sanity” and “light” aren't reading Powerpuff Girls sex stories...

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